Here is the loving Mommy behind Stop Childhood Auto Inflammatory Diseases, Lisa Moreno-Dickinson. She never ceases to amaze me by all that she has done, and continues to accomplish for not only her sons, Aiden and Brody, but for so many who suffer from auto inflammatory diseases.

Please share with your family, friends, and loved ones to help ALL children who are affected!

For anyone who doesn’t know Lisa Moreno-Dickinson, I want to share something with you about this incredible woman, and her mission to save our children. As you can read about on the website, CAID (Childhood Auto Inflammatory Diseases) is not just one disease, it covers many life-threatening diseases (a group of rare hereditary recurrent unprovoked inflammation disorders.) The foundation is focused on educating doctors, and finding a cure that focuses on the mechanism to shut off its’ process. To list just a few – Autisim, MS, Familial Mediterranean Ferver, Chronic infantile neurologic cutaneous and articular syndrome(CINCA), Blau Syndrome, Pyogenic sterile arthritis, pyodrmagangreosum, acne (PAPA) syndrome and many more.

Lisa’s foundation has produced astonishing results in a very short period of time. She opened the first national evaluation clinic for CAID at the Cleveland Clinic, started StopRareDiseaseBullyingNow to protect our children who have a rare disease from being bullied, and was single-handedly responsible for throwing the 1st StopCAIDnow Gala at the Ritz in 2012 where 100% of the proceeds went toward finding a cure. StopCAIDnow is currently an internationally known 501c3 nonprofit organization that raises awareness for doctors and families worldwide. The unfortunate affects of CAID not only falls upon the child, but also takes a heavy toll on the families and friends who support and care for these children.

I’ve witnessed first-hand, Lisa working off of maybe an hour of sleep per night (for weeks at a time), spending 7 hours at CHOP during the day with Brody, then bouncing Brody for 5 hours at night to alleviate his pain so he can sleep, while caring for her other son, Aiden. She will then run full-speed ahead with days filled with doctors meetings, conference calls for the foundation, media interviews so that audiences nationwide can gain awareness about StopCAIDnow, and then pull off planning the 2013 StopCAIDnow Gala. Never once has Lisa allowed herself lamented thoughts about her circumstances because she is so very clear on her mission to save ALL children. Her resilience is nothing short of courageous for I have heard screams of pain come from Brody that would bring even the strongest among us to their knees.

At this years Gala at the Ritz Carlton on March 2nd, 100% of the proceeds from the Gala will allow StopCAIDnow to further educate, provide awareness and fund researchers committed to finding a cure for Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases.”>


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