Aidan and Brody Dickinson have CAID.The StopCAIDNow foundation, was conceived in 2011 by Founder/President, Lisa Moreno-Dickinson based on her own harrowing life experiences. Ms. Dickinson is not only the Founder/President but more importantly, a mother of two young boys, Brody and Aidan, whom are CAID sufferers.

It took 18.5 months and meetings with countless doctors before Ms. Dickinson found a physician who could properly identify the symptoms and diseases of her two sons, Aidan and Brody. Recognizing CAID symptoms/diseases to be a global epidemic, Ms. Dickinson’s mission was to not only help her own sons but all children around the world suffering from these life threatening diseases.

Ms.Dickinson coined the term ‘CAID’ to represent all Childhood Auto Inflammatory Diseases. Inflammation is the culprit to all CAID diseases which can/will cause excruciating pain, suffering, and irreversible damage. There are currently over 30 common/rare/genetic diseases, under the CAID umbrella.

CAID does not discriminate. We all know a child who is suffering from the symptoms of one or more of the more common/rare CAID diseases such as: Cancer, Autism, Epilepsy, Blau Syndrome, Huntingtons, EDS(Ehlers Danlos), Mitochondrial, Crohn’s Disease, etc.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DISEASE INFO

StopCAIDNow enables families whose children are suffering with Auto-inflammatory Diseases to come together under one umbrella. The foundation provides physician and family medical/emotional resources, diagnosis, education, clinical research and treatment. Ms. Dickinson has achieved these goals in several steps.

StopCAIDNow partnered with the Cleveland Children’s Clinic, consistently rated among the “Best Children’s Hospitals” by U.S. News and World Report, developed a CME (Continued Medical Education), the first of its’ kind, accredited program for physicians, called CAIDology. This program provides the educational tools for doctors to properly diagnose these critical diseases.  Early diagnosis is key to prevent further damage as a result of CAID symptoms.

Furthermore, Ms. Dickinson alongside the Cleveland Children’s Clinic has established a center to properly diagnose children with CAID. Early diagnosis is key to prevent further damage as a result of the CAID symptoms.

Ms. Dickinson recognized that having the diagnosis for her sons was the catalyst for finding the cure for all Auto-inflammatory Diseases.  StopCAIDNow is honored to partner with Dr. Oliver Lawless,  Adjunct Professor of Pediatrics and Immunology at Georgetown University. Dr. Lawless has patented a methylated DNA biologic Metvax Vaccine in 2011 to abate inflammation that is caused by the CAID diseases and in turn this will stop the painful and some irreversible symptoms associated with CAID. Currently Dr. Lawless is conducting clinical trials and the last phase for human trial and patient use is FDA approval.

Ms. Dickinson along with her two sons, Dr. Lawless, as well as the endless families whom have children suffering with CAID cannot fund this cure alone. They need your support.  This is ground breaking and would represent revolutionary change in medicine both for children in the short term and carry over to adults in the long term. We are inches away from bringing the cure forward. We need your support to bring it home.

Time is of the essence. Please DONATE!

Stop The Inflammation. Stop The Pain.  Stop The Suffering.Stop CAID NOW.

StopCAIDnow,Inc. is a non-profit organization recognized globally. We are a 501c3 accredited non-profit. 100% of all donations goes to help the Projects selected by StopCAIDnow, Inc.

Stop CAID Now is in partnership with Cleveland’s Children’s Hospital.

CAID COMMERCIAL with Football Offensive Tackle- Mr. Barrett Brooks (Former
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Dr. Paul Song and Lisa Ling (American journalist and currently the host of This is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN)


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